Caitlin V a sex and relationship coach who helps men become amazing lovers and incredible partners. Formerly a sexual health researcher and policy analyst, she was catapulted into internet stardom after being featured in a video about squirting.

She is the creator of the Come When You Want method which (to date) is 98% effective in ending premature ejaculation in her one on one clients.

She's currently developing a new method to end the growing trend of early-onset erectile dysfunction in young, healthy men.

Caitlin works one on one with a select group of private clients from all over the world. You may apply for personal coaching by clicking here.



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"After working with Caitlin I had the confidence and ability to perform the way I always dreamed of. Caitlin truly helped me achieve my goals. Everything she said worked. She changed my life.” - Male, 41, California


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